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Leeds Train Station

Leeds Train Station

As part of the extensive redevelopment efforts centered around Leeds train station, Tri-Tech Surveys played a pivotal role by conducting a measured building survey on a former restaurant. The significance of this survey was underscored by its integration into a larger scheme of work, emphasising the need for meticulous planning and seamless collaboration between various teams to ensure that the ongoing works around the train station were not disrupted.

To execute this task with precision and efficiency, Tri-Tech Surveys deployed advanced technology in the form of a laser scanner. The Trimble X7 laser scanner, known for its accuracy and reliability, was employed to conduct a thorough survey of both the internal and external areas of the building. This choice of technology aimed to capture all necessary data in a single scan, ensuring a comprehensive dataset for the production of high-quality drawings.

Post data capture, Tri-Tech Surveys leveraged the acquired information to generate a fully coordinated point cloud, a three-dimensional representation of the surveyed space. This point cloud served as the foundation for the creation of detailed floor plans and elevations, meticulously crafted using Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software. The resulting drawings were presented to the client in both CAD and PDF formats, meeting industry standards and providing a clear visual representation of the surveyed structure.

The client’s response was overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the precision and quality of the drawings produced by Tri-Tech Surveys. The efficiency of the initial survey enabled the team to promptly address additional areas requested by the client, showcasing the flexibility and responsiveness of Tri-Tech Surveys in meeting client needs. This successful collaboration not only met the immediate requirements of the Leeds train station uplift but also demonstrated Tri-Tech Surveys’ commitment to delivering accurate and reliable surveying solutions in complex and dynamic urban environments.

Leeds Train Station 1
Leeds Train Station 2
Leeds Train Station Plan
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Leeds Train Station

service provided

Laser Scanning, Point Cloud

Project timeline

3 Days designing, and 1 week for completion