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Tri-Tech work for a variety of different clients on different projects, and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, efficient, cost effective surveys ensuring our clients receive the best possible product.

Using the latest Surveying Equipment such as Robotic Total Stations and GNSS receivers we are able to cover all your mapping requirements. We have the facilities and resources to cover almost any size survey, from large highway schemes to single dwellings.

Surveys can be provided in a variety of formats including DWG/DXF, MX GENIO, PDF as well as Hard Copies if required.

Getting the Topographical Survey right at the beginning of any scheme can have a big impact on ensuring the project gets the start it requires to be successful. Contact us today for a quote.

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What is a topographical survey?

A topographical or land survey is a type of land survey that maps and records the physical features of a piece of land, including the contours, vegetation, buildings, bodies of water, and other features. This

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Land and Engineering Surveyors

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