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Underground Scanning

Using the latest equipment, we can provide the location of underground services in either 2D or 3D. We use state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Location to assist your project when service avoidance may be a potential issue on site. Especially during applications which involve piling or ground investigation.

Site developments or extensions often require in depth knowledge before they can be considered, and we are able to provide plans that will far outlast the development in question.

By using our 3D modelling techniques, a contractor would be able to install new services by using trenchless technology which can give huge cost savings over more traditional installation methods.

Any services that are detected on site are identified using spray paint which can assist when reading the plans on site. We can complement this service by also offering you a full CCTV Integrity Survey.

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What is Utility Mapping?

Utility mapping is the process of locating, identifying, and mapping underground utilities such as water and sewage pipes, electrical and communications cables, gas lines, and other infrastructure. The goal of utility mapping is to create

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