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From an Industrial Unit through to a Historic House to a Semi Detached House, Tri-Tech can provide a measured building surveys for all.

Working to your specification, but at the same time making suggestions on the best way to attain your deliverables in the most efficient and cost effective way. At Tri-tech we pride ourselves on utilising the latest technology to be able to deliver Floor Plans, Elevations, Sections or BIM Models for whatever project you need surveying.

We work closely with our partners, ensuring the file formats delivered are compatible with your BIM systems.

Deliverables for this type of work would typically be;

  • PDF
  • CAD
  • Point Cloud
  • BIM Model

Please get in touch to discuss the specification, size and location of your project and we can together create a solution that meets your requirements.

Measured Building Surveys Tri Tech Surveys

What are Measured Building Surveys?

Measured building surveys, also known as architectural surveys, are detailed surveys of the internal and external features of a building, including its layout, dimensions, materials, and finishes. The surveys are typically carried out by professional

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