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We specialise in the analysis of a scheme’s volumetrics at any point in time.  Be it Tender, Prestart, Monthly, Weekly, or Final.

We are specialists in the latest software which allows us to apply construction depths to areas to get to “earthworks outline “.  We are able to split areas up into different areas of interest or materials.

Coupled with our experience in the field in terms of data capture and what requires measuring there is no other survey company out there that can compete with us in this area of work.

Data can be presented in various formats such as CAD, PDF and spreadsheet format. 

If you require any volumetric work, contact us today to discuss your requirements. 

Volumetric Analysis Tri Tech Surveys

What is Volumetric Analysis?

Volumetric analysis is a process used to calculate the volume of an object or space. It is commonly used in a variety of industries, including construction, mining, and geology, to determine the amount of materials

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