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At Tri-Tech we have undertaken many river surveys across the country. By using the latest surveying technology we are able to survey watercourses safely and efficiently, so our clients obtain a reliable service. We provide surveys in various formats including CAD, PDF and CSV. This data then can be used for river / channel modelling.

Some of our services include:

  • Flood alleviation surveys of floodplains and doorstep levels.
  • Flood defence surveys and flood level contour chasing.
  • River and stream sections, including hard and soft bed levels, as well as topographic survey of the river or stream.
  • Bridge, tunnel and culvert surveys; creating a topographical survey, point clouds and elevations of structures.

We create individual Risk Assessments and Method Statements for each river survey to ensure each site is surveyed safely and that the client gets the most out of our time on site.

If you have any queries regarding river surveys, simply get in touch.

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What is a River Survey?

A river survey is a type of hydrographic survey that involves measuring and mapping the physical features of a river and its surroundings, including its channel, banks, and adjacent land. River surveys are typically carried

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