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3D Laser Surveying

For mass collection of accurate survey data then nothing beats scanning.  Using 3D laser Scanners the surveyors can capture millions of points per second with the creation of a PointCloud. 

The Pointcloud data allows our clients to the view site from the comfort of their office.

The data sets can then be feed into BIM and CAD software to allow any type of manipulation of the data such as the creation of BIM Models, DTMs, Cross Sections, Elevations and Floor plans to name a few.

The technique is ideal where limited access is available, schemes with limited light as Scanners work in the dark, areas that have high levels of detail that need to be captured.

Laser scanning is well suited to Heritage Sites, Historic Buildings, Quarries, Architectural Schemes, Highways, Tunnelling, and Hazardous Sites

If you require any scanning, contact us to discuss your requirements.

Laser Scanning Tri Tech Surveys

What is Laser Scanning in Surveying?

Laser scanning, also known as lidar (Light Detection and Ranging), is a surveying technology that uses laser beams to accurately measure the distance, shape, and position of objects in a given environment. The laser scans

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