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Stourton Park Ride

BAM Nuttall enlisted the expertise of Tri-Tech to contribute to the establishment of a new Park and Ride Scheme in Stourton, located on the outskirts of Leeds. In our involvement with this project, Tri-Tech assumed various roles essential for the smooth operation of the scheme.

Control Network Installation

To initiate construction, the installation of a Control Network was imperative. Tri-Tech executed this task by implementing new control stations. A meticulous process involving multiple GNSS observations and a double-looped levelling campaign was conducted to ensure compliance with specified tolerances. This precision laid the groundwork for successful setting out activities throughout the project.

3D Machine Control

The project at Stourton necessitated significant earthworks operations to achieve the desired site levels. Tri Tech facilitated this efficiently by implementing 3D Machine Control. We supplied and installed a GNSS base station and conducted a GNSS Site Calibration using the established control network. Our team created and continually updated the models used on the machinery based on the provided designs. Regular support was extended to the site team to address any emerging issues and ensure the seamless implementation of the 3D Machine Control system.

Equipment Hire

In addition to these functions, Tri-Tech offered equipment hire services as part of our comprehensive support. Trimble Total Stations, GNSS receivers, and Base Stations were made available to the site team, ensuring that all setting out and survey work could be carried out effectively. Each piece of equipment underwent thorough calibration, and in the event of any issues, we provided timely replacements, ensuring uninterrupted workflow throughout the entire duration of the scheme. Tri-Tech’s commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of services played a crucial role in the successful execution of the Park and Ride Scheme in Stourton.

Client details

BAM Nuttall

service provided

Machine Control, Control Network, Equipment Hire

Project timeline

3 Days designing, and 1 week for completion