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Fully Licensed UAV Surveys

Since the beginning of 2017 Tri-Tech have been operating UAVs for drone surveying under CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) rules and while also holding the relevant insurance to carry out mapping, site progress and inspection works.

Our first pilot was trained in 2016 and we now have a number of fully qualified pilots who all fly inside the rules at all times.  We put in place procedures and measures such as regular training and an operator’s manual to ensure this happens.

Large areas of ground can be covered capturing the most unbelievable detail which would just be unable to be recorded with traditional methods.  Our clients have really seen the benefit of what UAV surveys bring to the table.  The money they save and the data they receive as a deliverable have left them in no doubt that Tri-Tech are one of the premier providers of this service nationwide.

UAVs are ideal in the following environments or schemes;

  • Quarries and Landfill sites
  • Earthworks Schemes
  • Heritage Projects
  • Inspection works such as Roofs and Facades
  • Site Progress – Photos and Video work

We use the latest photogrammetric software which allows us to put this data into a format that suits your requirements, be that Point Cloud, Gridded DTM, DTM, CAD, PDF or we can even provide you with a HTML viewer which allows anyone of your team to view the data and take measurements with no special software required.

If you require any UAV work, contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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What is Drone Surveying and Aerial Mapping?

Drone surveying and aerial mapping are technologies that use unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), commonly known as drones, to collect data for surveying and mapping purposes. In drone surveying, the drone is equipped with high-precision sensors,

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