Flood Embankment Survey, Fishlake, Doncaster

In November 2019 the village of Fishlake near Doncaster gained national notoriety as the River Don, swollen by unprecedented rainfall, overtopped and flooded a huge swathe of land including over 170 homes and businesses.

Since this disastrous event there has been a large number of explorative projects, examining potential flood defence schemes and improvements to the existing waterways. 

Tri-Tech Surveys was requested by Breheny Civil Engineering to survey an existing flood embankment near the village, in order to aid planners to remotely examine potential issues and low spots.

Data from both Drone and Laser scanning were combined to produce an inspection model of the site.  

Click below and take a look at the site in more detail.

CLICK‘ and ‘DRAG‘ to ‘Rotate‘ image.

Hold ‘SHIFT‘, ‘CLICK‘ and ‘DRAG‘ to ‘PAN’ image.

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