Norton Cricket Club 2nd XI Clinches Hornby Cup

In an extremely wet final, the Norton Cricket Club 2nd XI emerged victorious in the highly anticipated Hornby Cup final against Marton Cricket Club.

As proud members of the North Yorkshire & South Durham cricket league, Norton displayed exceptional skill in the rain. Norton scored 180/2, whilst Marton reached 110/8 before rain eventually stopped play.

The Norton team is captained by Tri-Tech’s very own Senior Surveyor, Joe Haines.

…and what a great moment of insight by Tri-Tech, who this year became the sponsor of the Norton Cup Kits!

Joe Circle Web

It’s a great way to start our Sponsorship by winning a trophy! I still have some annual leave left if Stokes wants me to take part in the final Ashes games…??

Joe Haines - Senior Surveyor

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