Surveying Innovation at Tri-Tech Surveys

Project Overview:

Recently, we were tasked with conducting a series of structural inspections on culverts at Teesworks.

Challenges and Solutions:

To raise the bar and eliminate the necessity for manual entry, we embarked on a unique venture – building a specialised inspection boat.

Our journey began with a meticulous exploration of the requirements essential for this daunting task. Extensive research paved the way for designing a vessel tailored to the mission at hand.

As the foundation, we ingeniously utilised a ‘bodyboard,’ which served as an ideal base for our vision. With precision, we mounted the cutting-edge Elios 2 on the vessel. In-house, we crafted a fan and electronics circuit meticulously, ensuring seamless functionality. LED lights and an FPV Camera were expertly positioned on the front, bolstering navigation through the intricate culverts.

Following rigorous testing, our customised boat was ready to take the plunge, launching into the culverts to gather critical data.

Our proficiency in action, we employed Bentley Context Capture to craft detailed 3D models for our esteemed clients. An exhaustive inspection report accompanied these models. To foster collaboration, we equipped our clients with a 3D viewer, allowing them to access and explore the models independently.

This venture stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment. No matter how complex or formidable the challenge, our teamwork and expertise consistently yield exceptional results. At Tri-Tech Surveys, we thrive on turning challenges into triumphs.

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The Tri-Tech team relish a challenge. This is a great example of our ability to go above and beyond!

Ted Harland - Director

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