Introducing Matterport 3D Model for Estate Agents

Matterport is a Game-Changer for Estate Agents

We are excited to unveil Tri-Tech’s latest addition to our innovative solutions: customised Matterport mapping designed specifically for estate agents. Our new offering aims to revolutionise property presentations and ultimately drive increased sales for our esteemed clients.

In today’s dynamic real estate market, standing out is paramount. Prospective buyers seek an authentic feel for a property before committing to a purchase. This is where our Matterport mapping solution comes in, offering a cutting-edge tool that takes your property listings to unprecedented heights.

But what exactly is Matterport mapping, and how does it benefit estate agents?

Matterport mapping harnesses advanced technology to create captivating, interactive virtual experiences of properties. Using our specialised Matterport cameras, we meticulously capture every intricate detail, culminating in a stunning 3D model that potential buyers can explore from the comfort of their own devices.

  1. Engage Buyers with Immersive Virtual Tours: Gone are the days of static images and flat floor plans. Our Matterport mapping enables potential buyers to virtually walk through a property, exploring every room, hallway, and corner. They can experience the flow and layout of the space as if they were physically there, creating a strong emotional connection that can lead to faster sales.
  2. Showcase Properties 24/7: With Matterport mapping, your listings are no longer limited by physical constraints or traditional business hours. Potential buyers can access the virtual tours anytime, from anywhere, allowing them to explore properties at their convenience. This accessibility significantly expands your reach and increases the chances of attracting qualified buyers.
  3. Indicative Floor Plan: We can create detailed floor plans of the property alongside Dollshouse view and feature tagging within rooms.
  4. Highlight Unique Features and Selling Points: Our Matterport mapping captures the essence of a property, emphasizing its unique features and selling points. From stunning architecture to high-end finishes, every aspect is showcased in its full glory, creating a memorable experience for potential buyers and generating excitement that leads to increased offers.
  5. Time-Saving and Efficient: Instead of arranging multiple physical property viewings that can be time-consuming for both you and potential buyers, our Matterport mapping enables pre-screening. Buyers can thoroughly explore a property virtually before deciding to schedule an in-person visit, ensuring that only genuinely interested parties request physical showings. This saves valuable time for all parties involved and leads to more qualified leads.
  6. Stay Ahead of the Competition: By incorporating Matterport mapping into your marketing strategy, you demonstrate a commitment to innovation and provide a superior experience to your clients. Stand out from the competition by offering cutting-edge technology that will impress sellers and attract buyers, setting you apart as a forward-thinking and results-oriented estate agency.
  7. Combine Drone Video & Photography: By utilising our Drone Surveying Service we can also provide photography and video of properties to compliment the Matterport mapping.

Tri-Tech recognises the distinct requirements of estate agents and the significance of presenting properties in the most compelling manner. With our tailored Matterport mapping services, we offer you the opportunity to elevate your property listings, attract a larger pool of qualified buyers, and ultimately drive increased sales.

Embrace this transformative technology and unlock its potential for your real estate business. Reach out to Tri-Tech today to explore how our Matterport mapping services can revolutionise the way you showcase and sell properties. Prepare to soar to new heights as you harness the power of immersive virtual experiences.

Further Information About Our Matterport Services

Whether you’re in the real estate industry, construction sector, or any other field that requires accurate and detailed measurements of properties, our Matterport surveys offer a cutting-edge solution that will elevate your projects to new heights.

Take a look at our Matterport page for more information.

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We are thrilled to announce the addition of Matterport to our comprehensive range of surveying services. Contact us today for more details on how we can utilise this remarkable service to showcase properties in an exceptional way.

Ted Harland - Director

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