Women in Construction Week

My name is Izzy, and I’m a Land Surveyor at Tri-Tech Surveys

My journey into the construction industry began when I pursued a degree in ‘GeoEnvironmental Hazards’ at Edge Hill University, graduating in 2022.

My decision to start this degree stemmed from my profound passion for the great outdoors and my fascination with understanding natural hazards and vast environments. Growing up, I spent years in the Scouts, fostering my love for outdoor activities and adventure and now, I give back by volunteering as a Cub Leader.

I approached Ted and he offered me the chance to join the Tri-Tech team! This was a fantastic opportunity, especially since I had little prior experience. I started as a Graduate Land Surveyor, immersing myself in the field by shadowing my experienced colleagues and honing my skills in topographical and measured building surveys, while also delving into the realm of utility mapping.

From the outset, I knew I wanted a career that kept me outdoors, away from the confines of an office. My interests during my studies were focused on hazard events such as flooding and also pollution mitigation. During my final year at university, I began networking and found an opportunity at Tri-Tech Surveys through a LinkedIn post.

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Now I have a bit of experience under my belt I can pass my knowledge onto newer members of the team and I am starting to take on greater responsibilities on site. My typical week involves around three days of fieldwork and two days of data processing, offering a perfect blend of hands-on action and analytical tasks. My role also includes the occasional night shift and as I currently have no family responsibilities I am loving travelling to different sites daily and I am more than happy to throw myself two-footed into my work and career.


While being one of the few females on site can have its challenges, I’ve found unwavering support from my colleagues and site managers. I believe there is more inclusivity on site than there has been in the past.

Looking ahead, I’m loving my current role at Tri-Tech and I am eager to continue learning and gaining valuable experience. I’m hoping to start working towards achieving the CICES qualification and I am embracing all the training opportunities provided by Tri-Tech.

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As we celebrate National Women in Construction Week, I look forward to seeing more women join this dynamic industry. Together, we can pave the way for greater diversity and inclusivity, creating a brighter future for all.

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Since Izzy has joined the team, her proficiency in surveying alongside her technical and general skills have come on leaps and bounds. I am over the moon with her progress and she has quickly become an integral part of the business. It is great to have a young woman excelling in this industry. Thank you and well done Izzy!!

Ted Harland -

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