n4ce – Surveying Software

n4ce is a powerful survey processing and modelling software from ‘Applications in CADD‘.

We began using n4ce in 2009 when we required software to produce cross sections of a highway which we were surveying. Since those early days the team at ‘Applications in CADD’ have continuously developed their software into a market leader within the surveying industry.

n3ce Applications in CADD Tri Tech Surveys

Over the years we have developed a strong b2b relationship and their reactive customer service is exactly what is required in our evolving industry.  Our requests and suggestions have been welcomed by the company and their responsiveness has been second to none.

The software is now an integral part of our data analysis process from start to finish and compliments up to 90% of our surveying process, enabling the manipulation and tidying of the data gathered from site.

A particular service which n4ce has excelled is the ability to handle large data, specifically from drone surveys. This attribute is paramount as data sets increase inline with technology development.

One of our core values at both Site Surveying Services and Tri-Tech Surveys, is to be at the forefront of surveying development. Companies such as ‘Applications in CADD’ compliment this core value and the progression of the surveying industry.

It is a absolute pleasure to work alongside the team at 'Applications in CADD'. A truly responsive, approachable and dynamic company. Thank you.

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