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£250m Blackburn Town Centre Masterplan

Blackburn, a town with a storied industrial history in Lancashire, has experienced substantial construction development and urban planning in alignment with the local strategy to breathe new life into the area. The town’s local plan places dual emphasis on preserving its historical character and fostering modernisation to elevate the overall quality of life for its residents. Strategic construction projects have been undertaken to address urban regeneration, involving the redevelopment of pivotal areas, enhancements to infrastructure, and the creation of green spaces. The objective is to strike a delicate balance between safeguarding the town’s heritage and meeting the requirements of a contemporary urban environment.

Furthermore, Blackburn’s local plan underscores a robust commitment to economic development and community well-being. Construction initiatives are specifically tailored to diversify the local economy, attract businesses, and generate employment opportunities. The town has witnessed projects dedicated to the modernisation of commercial spaces, the promotion of cultural and recreational amenities, and the fostering of sustainable urban growth. Blackburn’s construction development aligns with a visionary goal for the town – to preserve its historical significance while evolving into a dynamic and resilient community.

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In summary, Blackburn’s construction development and local plan exemplify a comprehensive strategy addressing heritage preservation, fostering economic growth, and cultivating a well-rounded and sustainable urban environment. These initiatives underscore a steadfast commitment to shaping Blackburn’s future as a vibrant and flourishing town. In a significant budget announcement, Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed the allocation of hundreds of millions of pounds in targeted funding to support the regeneration of local areas, creating 20 new partnerships.

The £20m allocated to Blackburn with Darwen will play a pivotal role in establishing a groundbreaking skills and education campus of national significance. This proposal is integral to the £250m Blackburn Town Centre Masterplan, considered to be the largest town centre regeneration scheme in the region. The plan includes relocating Morrisons to a modern and more accessible building, paving the way for the Council to acquire their existing site. This presents opportunities for town centre living, a new hotel, and additional parking with EV charging outlets for up to 700 cars.

The ambitious project also encompasses the creation of a national-level skills and education campus, attracting thousands of students to the town centre, thereby bolstering the local economy. Additionally, the adjacent St John’s Church, ravaged by a devastating fire in 2019, is slated for a multi-million pound makeover. This transformation will result in high-quality flexible workspace to support the burgeoning entrepreneurial business network in the borough.

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