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Greater Manchester Local Plan

Oldham is a town in Greater Manchester, England, situated amidst the Pennines and known for its rich industrial heritage.

Oldham was one of the first towns to industrialize, becoming a major center for textile manufacturing, particularly cotton spinning and weaving. By the late 19th century, it was a global leader in cotton production. The decline of the cotton industry in the mid-20th century led to significant economic and social changes. Many mills and factories closed, prompting a shift towards other sectors.

Oldham’s Local Plan reflects a commitment to balancing economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion, ensuring that the town continues to thrive and evolve in the face of modern challenges and opportunities.

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Oldham’s Local Plan is a strategic framework designed to guide the town’s development over the coming years, ensuring sustainable growth, improved quality of life for residents, and economic vitality. 

The plan aims to deliver a significant number of new homes to meet the growing population and housing needs. This includes a mix of affordable housing, family homes, and specialized housing for elderly and vulnerable groups. Emphasis is placed on redeveloping brownfield sites to provide new housing, reducing the pressure on greenbelt land and promoting urban regeneration. New housing developments are expected to adhere to high standards of design and sustainability, incorporating energy-efficient features and modern amenities.

Oldham’s Local Plan is designed to ensure that the town develops in a sustainable, inclusive, and economically vibrant manner, addressing the needs of its residents while preserving its heritage and environment.

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