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The Northumberland Development Plan comprises a collection of policies, proposals, and allocations that delineate the strategy for the development of land, specifying the locations for new residential structures, employment hubs, services, and amenities. Local Planning Authorities craft Local Plans, and local communities contribute by creating neighbourhood plans, collectively establishing the legally mandated foundation for the future development of both land and structures. This integrated approach serves as the authoritative framework guiding the trajectory of development.

In tandem with this planning framework, a roster of new residences and businesses is actively under construction. Simultaneously, the development landscape is evolving to include essential community facilities, such as hospitals, schools, and leisure centers. The meticulous attention to preservation is evident in the ongoing efforts to safeguard historic monuments, ensuring their endurance for generations to come. This comprehensive approach underscores a commitment to fostering sustainable growth while preserving the cultural and architectural heritage of the area.

Northumberland Feature

Tri-Tech Surveys maintains a well-established operational presence in the North East and Northumberland regions, showcasing a dedicated commitment to overseeing a multitude of surveying projects.

Notably, the company has consistently conducted routine drone flights over the A69 Hexham flyover which has monitored and recorded the development of the project. In addition, Tri-Tech has demonstrated its expertise by conducting comprehensive topographical surveys and volumetric analyses across a diverse range of industrial and residential estates. These initiatives involve the meticulous examination and measurement of the physical features of the land, providing valuable insights into the terrain’s characteristics. The volumetric analyses contribute to a nuanced understanding of the spatial distribution and quantity of materials, enabling informed decision-making for industrial development projects.

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