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National Park Management Plan

The cornerstone document for the Yorkshire Dales National Park, the National Park Management Plan, is a pivotal five-year work program collaboratively developed and supervised by a partnership of local organisations operating across the region.

Within the Yorkshire Dales National Park Management Plan for the period 2019-24, 49 specific objectives are actively pursued through a collective effort. Notably, it not only outlines an ambitious vision for the National Park’s envisioned state by 2040 but also delineates strategies to encourage local communities to actively contribute to realising the plan’s aspirations.

Yorkshire Dales National Park Plan

Alongside multi-disciplinary teams, Tri-Tech Surveys have played role in advancing the goals of the National Park Management Plan. Their surveying of water treatment works, flooding defences, and planning developments aligns with the broader initiatives outlined in the plan. The plan includes supporting vital projects such as the £3.5 million Westmorland Dales Landscape Partnership program, currently funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

Recognising that the National Park’s objectives are intricately tied to resilient communities, the plan extends beyond addressing issues like illegal persecution of birds of prey and woodland creation. It also encompasses objectives aimed at fortifying upland farming post-Brexit, attracting a younger working-age demographic to the area, improving connectivity through superfast broadband, and promoting the construction of more affordable housing. This holistic approach underscores the commitment to sustainable development and community empowerment within the Yorkshire Dales National Park, with Tri-Tech Surveys contributing to crucial infrastructure and environmental initiatives in line with the overarching plan.

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