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Metropolitan Borough of Rotherham

Rotherham is a large town in South Yorkshire, England, known for its rich industrial heritage, diverse culture, and vibrant community life. Named after the old english for ‘Rother’ (a cattle river) and ‘ham’ (homestead or village), Rotherham is a traditional market town located in South Yorkshire, about 6 miles from Sheffield. The town has several parks, including Clifton Park, Thrybergh Country Park, and Rother Valley Country Park, offering a range of recreational activities. Rotherham boasts several historic buildings, including the Grade I listed Rotherham Minster and the Chapel of Our Lady of Rotherham Bridge, a rare example of a bridge chapel.

Rotherham is a town with a rich history and a commitment to growth and regeneration. Its blend of industrial heritage, cultural attractions, and modern amenities makes it a vibrant place to live and visit.

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Rotherham’s development plan is outlined in the Rotherham Local Plan, which sets the vision and framework for the town’s growth and development up to 2028. The plan emphasizes sustainable development, economic regeneration, housing, infrastructure improvements, and environmental protection.

Supporting the expansion of local businesses and attracting new enterprises, particularly in key sectors such as advanced manufacturing, digital technologies, and green industries, investing in the regeneration of former industrial sites and underused areas to create new business parks, commercial spaces, and mixed-use developments and enhancing the town centre by improving public spaces, pedestrian areas, and retail facilities to attract more visitors and boost local commerce.

The development plan for Rotherham aims to create a sustainable, thriving, and inclusive town that preserves its heritage while embracing future opportunities. By focusing on these strategic areas, Rotherham seeks to enhance the quality of life for its residents and strengthen its economic position in the region.

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