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Tri-Tech Surveys, through its comprehensive building survey services, aligns with the vision outlined in the plan, which extends until 2035. This visionary document encompasses potential developments in housing, jobs, and the environment, while also addressing critical aspects such as transport, schools, and healthcare to sustain these developments. The plan is meticulously crafted based on evidence gathered about the county, incorporating insights from residents and businesses gathered during previous consultations, highlighting both opportunities and challenges.

Encompassing housing, businesses, and jobs, the plan prioritises the protection of the historic and natural environment. It also outlines measures to support development, including the establishment of major transport links, the creation or expansion of schools, healthcare provisions, and community facilities.


The plan aims to:

  • Continue the economic growth and investment in the county
  • Secure more and better jobs in County Durham
  • Address the causes of climate change and adapt to its affects
  • Create and enhance vibrant communities for all of our towns and villages
  • Provide a wide choice of quality homes to meet everyone’s needs and ensure they’re built where people want to live, reducing the need to travel
  • Secure the infrastructure to support new development and to relieve congestion and improve air quality
  • Protect the natural and historic environment

Tri-Tech Surveys has played a role in an extensive improvement scheme at Grassholme Reservoir for several years. Showcasing our expertise in 3D Machine Control and Topographical Surveys has assisted in fortifying and optimising the structure.

Tri-Tech Surveys remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering comprehensive surveying services that extend beyond traditional methodologies. By integrating ecological surveys into our repertoire, we contribute to a holistic approach, addressing both infrastructural and environmental considerations for the benefit of our community.

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Land and Engineering Surveyors

Tri Tech Topographical 5

topographical surveys

Tri-Tech work for a variety of different clients on different projects, and we pride ourselves on delivering accurate, efficient, cost effective surveys ensuring our clients receive the best possible product.

Utility Mapping 5

utility mapping

Using the latest equipment, we can provide the location of underground services in either 2D or 3D. We use state of the art Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Location to assist your project when service avoidance may be a potential issue on site.

Monitoring 3


Is there any movement? That is the question that is asked before and during any monitoring scheme.  That is the reason we undertake monitoring, to check for movement.

3D Laser Scanning Tri-Tech Surveys

laser scanning

For mass collection of accurate survey data then nothing beats scanning.  Using 3D laser Scanners the surveyors can capture millions of points per second with the creation of a PointCloud. 

Volumetric Analysis Tri-Tech Surveys

volumetric analysis

We specialise in the analysis of a scheme’s volumetrics at any point in time.  Be it Tender, Prestart, Monthly, Weekly, or Final.

River Surveys Gallery 4

river surveys

By using the latest surveying technology, we have been able to survey watercourses safely and efficiently.

Setting Out and Site Engineering

setting out & site engineering

Bread and butter work for us!  Having a strong relationship with many civil engineering companies we have a very strong team of Site Engineers and Engineering Surveyors working for us. 

3D Machine Control Tri-Tech Surveys

control network installation