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What can I expect to receive at the end of a measured building survey?

Measured Building Surveys - Tri Tech Surveys

At the end of a measured building survey, you can expect to receive a comprehensive report that includes detailed information about the building’s structure, dimensions, and features. The contents of the report may vary depending on the scope and purpose of the survey, but typically it will include the following:

  1. Building plans: The report will include detailed plans of the building, showing the layout, dimensions, and features of each room, as well as any architectural elements such as doors, windows, stairs, and walls.
  2. Elevations and sections: The report may also include elevation and section drawings, which show the vertical dimensions of the building and highlight any areas of concern or special features.
  3. 3D models: Many measured building surveys include the creation of a 3D model of the building, which can be useful for architectural and engineering design, construction planning, and property management. The 3D model may be included in the report or provided separately in a digital format.
  4. Photographs: The report may include photographs of the building’s interior and exterior, as well as any areas of concern or special features.
  5. Survey report: A survey report may also be provided outlining the methodology, site conditions, who undertook the survey and any issues that may have occurred on site.

Overall, the report from a measured building survey should provide a comprehensive and detailed picture of the building’s structure and features, and can be used for a variety of purposes including property management, construction planning, and architectural and engineering design.

We welcome any further questions about Measured Building Surveys. Simply get in touch with the office and one of our senior surveys will be happy to assist.

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