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How is a measured building survey carried out?

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A measured building survey is typically carried out by a professional surveyor, who will use specialised equipment and techniques to obtain accurate measurements and information about a building’s structure and features. The following steps are typically involved in a measured building survey:

  • Pre-survey consultation: The surveyor will typically meet with the building owner or manager to discuss the survey requirements, the building’s purpose and history, and any areas of concern or special features that need to be addressed.
  • Survey preparation: The surveyor will prepare for the survey by researching the building’s history and obtaining any relevant plans, drawings, or photographs that may be available. They will also assess any health and safety risks associated with the survey.
  • On-site survey: The surveyor will use a range of equipment and techniques to measure and record the building’s dimensions, layout, and features. This may include using laser scanners, total stations, and digital cameras, as well as hand-held tools such as tape measures and spirit levels. The surveyor may also take notes and make sketches as necessary.
  • Data processing: After the on-site survey is complete, the surveyor will process the data using specialised software to create a detailed and accurate drawings of the building, including all of its features, such as walls, floors, doors, windows, and other architectural elements. 3D models can also be created from the resulting data.
  • Report production: The surveyor will then produce detailed drawings and/or report that include all the information gathered during the survey. The drawings/ report can be used for a variety of purposes, including architectural and engineering design, construction planning, and property management.

Overall, a measured building survey is a complex process that requires specialised knowledge, equipment, and techniques to obtain accurate and useful information about a building’s structure and features.

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