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Our Sustainability Promise

Promoting Sustainability When Surveying

At Tri-Tech we know that conservation isn’t a one-person job, it is something that we should all be doing throughout our lives on a daily basis especially those in the construction and surveying industries.

These industries both heavily rely on natural resources to flourish, as a result, it is thought that nearly half of all carbon emissions are created by those sectors alone.

With the ongoing concerns surrounding climate change, paired with the scarcity of resources more and more emphasis is being put on the construction industry to reduce their carbon footprint and adopt more sustainable construction methods.

We recognise that surveyors play a crucial role in the construction of new buildings, minimising building costs and ensuring every part of the development runs without any unforeseen hiccups. Whether we are working on a cutting edge large construction project or an individual residential property, Tri-Tech recognise that every single surveyor has a role to play when it comes to sustainability.

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